Cyber Essential accreditation for regional Wealth Management experts.

  • 17th February 2020

Forrester Boyd Wealth Management are delighted to have passed the assessment for the Cyber Essentials accreditation and IASME Governance standard.

In such a highly regulated profession and with clients entrusting us to manage their financial assets, we need to ensure that we do everything in our power to secure data, client confidentiality and our reputation. Therefore we have been working closely with Digital Armour Ltd to gain the accreditation that we are proud to have achieved.

As one of the area’s largest independent wealth management companies we are fully aware of the risks from cyber-crime so by applying the principles of the Cyber Essentials scheme, we not only ensure that we focus on the security of our clients information but also the security of our business and our staff.

Cyber-crime is on the up and this is not going to change. We have to be very aware to the threats from cyber criminals and to continual monitor and update our processes to ensure we remain vigilant and that our staff are trained to maintain these standards.

It is not necessarily your IT systems that are the weak points in a business but the people who work within it which is why we train and continually make our staff aware of the vulnerabilities and where they lie. This not only helps them in the work environment, but also makes them more aware of threats in their private life too.

We are now working towards the Cyber Essential Plus certification and hope to pass this in the near future.

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