About Us

Our heritage

Established in 1988 and with 30 years working within the financial services industry, we pride ourselves on the long term nature of our client relationships. Our qualified independent advisers cover the whole financial services market. Whether you are seeking to build an investment portfolio or create a tax-efficient retirement strategy, we have the expertise to provide the solutions.

Building rewarding relationships and trust

FB Wealth Management’s advisers plan to work with clients for life, they know a good wealth manager can improve financial plans and these plans will ultimately impact on your long term future.

Our long term client relationships are important to us and something we are immensely proud of, we aim to be with clients for life. This client approach is what has led to the personal recommendations that have helped this business grow over the years.

Our final proposals are well-researched and constructed on the basis of what’s best for our clients and nobody else. We firmly believe in the importance of working together to build rewarding relationships, and working closely with our clients enables us to help them fulfil and achieve their objectives.