Changes in life when you may want to review your investments

  • 17th June 2020

Life does not stand still and neither do your investments and wealth planning strategies. This is why you should regularly review your investment portfolio to ensure that it continually aligns to your objectives.

There are different triggers throughout your life’s journey that may be a catalyst for an overhaul of your investment portfolio. We take a look at some life events where you really should look at your investment portfolio, even if you have not regularly done it in the past.

Getting married

You are about to enter an exciting new chapter in your life. Once you get married however, your investments not only need to provide for you but for your partner too. Therefore you should look at your investment portfolio before heading to the altar.

You will need to consider your investments and whether you want to protect any elements of them through a pre-nuptual agreement. This is not for everyone but definitely something to consider.

The next step is to make sure that your investments are balanced to take into account the welfare of your new partner. You will both need to discuss your future financial goals to ensure your portfolio is aligned to deliver on your new objectives and work to provide you with the financial aspirations you have for both your futures.

A growing family

A life changing event is the news that you are going to become parents. This is a whole new level of emotional and financial responsibility. A little person is coming into this world who will be completely dependent upon you.

It can be very exciting preparing for the baby, decorating the nursery, buying the pushchair and getting everything physically in place for your new arrival. Don’t forget at this point however, you should look at your investment strategy again. Once baby is born, time will fly away with you so we would recommend that this is something you review before your new arrival.

Planning your retirement

Your children have probably now grown and flown the nest and you may now be thinking about your future plans. You may be considering your retirement or even an early retirement, having those holidays that were on hold whilst the kids were at home, you may even be thinking about your pension draw down and the possibility of that place in the sun you have always dreamed of.

This is where it is critical that you get the right advice to rebalance your investments, ensure you have all the tax wrappers in place and consider the implications of any potential pension drawdown. The sooner you do this the better to ensure your hard earned money continues to deliver the lifestyle that you have become accustomed to and dream of having in your later years.

Losing a Job

This can be devastating news for anyone. The last thing on your mind will be rebalancing your investments, but this really is a critical time to review your position.

Liquidity in your portfolio is now more important than ever. You will want to ensure that your bond allocation and cash allocation are fully intact. You may even need to consider pulling back on equity investment should you need a more conservative approach to your investments. Hopefully, you will find a new job and replace your income, but it is always better to be prepared.


This is an event that we all hope we will never have to go through, however the reality of life is that they can and do happen. The sad fact is that they are not always amicable. Assets can become a key focus of divorce settlements.

You will want to look at your portfolio and reassess your future plans. Your future may look different now but your portfolio also needs to realign itself to meet your later life plans once again.

Don’t let life take over

Whilst we have looked here at some of the common life events where you will need to look at your investment portfolio, if you have a managed portfolio with an expert investment adviser, you should be having periodical discussions and reviews to ensure that your investments continue to deliver of your goals, whatever they may be on your journey through life.

Your investment adviser will be there with you every step of the way to deliver the expert advice and guidance that you need to allow you to enjoy what life has the bring you.

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