Have you thought about making a £3,600 pension contribution for a relative?

  • 3rd November 2017

Who could benefit?




What are the benefits?

Encourages savings and cannot currently be accessed to age 55

Tax relief – for a contribution of £2,880 the tax relief would be £720 making the gross contribution £3,600, this equates to 20%

Tax-free growth

For inheritance tax purposes, the contributions could potentially be outside of your Estate

This can be completed each tax-year and for each relative

If the relative earns more than £3,600 then you can pay up to their earnings minus any contributions already paid


With Cash ISA interest rates so poor, this is a great way to effectively make an immediate 20% return, which based on current cash ISA rates would take you over 10 years to make.

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Written by Dale Regan

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