Meet the team - Tom Evans and Leanne Caster

  • 1st August 2018

Tom Evans – Chartered Financial Planner

Tom Evans Joined Forrester Boyd Wealth Management in January 2013 and has more than 8 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Before joining Forrester Boyd Wealth Management (and before joining the financial services industry) Tom was a professional footballer for 16 years.

As a chartered financial planner Tom can offer holistic financial support to clients, putting in place plans that should help clients meet their short and long term goals.

Out of the office Tom enjoys spending time with his two children and trying to keep fit.

Admin support

Working alongside Tom is Leanne Caster who provides Tom and his clients with administrative support as well as dealing with client queries.

Leanne Caster started with Forrester Boyd Wealth Management in 2016, and has 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

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