Practical checklist to help prepare for returning to work post lockdown

  • 7th May 2020

We know how tough the past few weeks have been for businesses and with an easing of lockdown rules approaching, getting your business ready for operating in a post-lockdown world has its own unique challenges.

Businesses now have increased obligations and responsibilities – from ensuring adherence to social distancing measures through to implications of furloughed staff and possible use of PPE - businesses now have additional obligations.

To help you and your business prepare for returning to work in anticipation of an imminent easing of the lockdown restrictions, Forrester Boyd have produced a helpful checklist for SME businesses.

The checklist is a useful reminder of the key things that a business needs to put in place to get their business functioning efficiently, effectively and in accordance with government requirements and guidance.

The checklist is available here to download.

We want to help you and your business to make the necessary adjustments. The checklist will be a helpful ‘aide memoir’ as it is a handy list of the key things you need to do – from how to look after your people returning to workplaces after working from home or being on furlough; through to how to engage with customers, what your health and safety obligations are and making sure that your business is viable.

We know that you have enough to contend with during these tough trading and market conditions. Using this checklist will help you make sure you can efficiently deal with your broad business issues and focus the majority of your time and energy on trading.

We are here to help.

Please do get in touch if we can help in anyway.

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