Our Approach

Creating a professional financial planning strategy

We make sure we take the time to understand your needs, goals and preferences before we make any recommendations – this is the process we follow:

1. Discovery - Initial Review

The first step we like to take in any new situation is a no obligation initial review. This stage of the process is held at our expense, with no obligation on your part to proceed further should you not wish.

2. Research

Once we have a detailed understanding of your financial objectives and goals, we’ll research solutions to achieve them.
As independent financial advisers, we are not tied to any product providers – our advice is unbiased and unrestricted.
This means: We can find solutions based upon your exact needs
We source products, providers and services from the whole of the market.

3. Analysis

Analysis of the gathered data allows us to effectively evaluate opportunities for making your resources work most effectively.

4. Discussing our recommendations

We take you through our recommendations in detail.
With your agreement we’ll prepare a detailed Recommendations Report bringing together all of our work at Stages 1, 2 & 3.
We will meet with you to present these recommendations, listen to your feedback and agree what actions need to be taken next.

5. Implementing your plan

All the necessary product paperwork is completed and processed.
Should you decide to take action as a result of your Recommendation Report, we will act as your intermediary in the engagement of suitable product provider/s.
Our advisers and support team will arrange all necessary steps to ensure your decisions are implemented thoroughly, accurately and timely.

6. Reviewing – On-going Advice

At this point, you’ll agree how often you want to review your plans.
To ensure your plans remain on track, we will keep in contact. The purpose of this will be to provide our on-going services in relation to the advice we will have provided to you at outset and consider any further advice needed.

This process has to be underpinned by a joint commitment from both FB Wealth Management and our clients in order to ensure the successful completion of their financial goals.