How we work

We follow a structured six-step process. Our approach centres on you, what you’d like to achieve, and how we can optimise your finances to best help you realise your goals.

1. Initial review

We’ll start by gathering as much information as possible about your financial situation – your income, expenditure, assets and debts, as well as your financial goals and objectives.

We’ll also gather information on any existing policies and investments you hold and discuss investment risk with you to determine your approach to risk.

2. Analysis

We can then begin the process of analysing this information to build your personalised financial plan, tailored specifically to your particular goals, needs, and individual circumstances. This intense period of analysis will also include consideration of taxation, costs, charges, and your investment risk profile.

3. Research

Now we’re ready to start selecting the most appropriate products and providers to put this plan in place. As an independent advisory firm, we always review a wide range of the market to select an appropriate solution.

We’re not tied to one specific product or provider, which means our only goal is to find the best solution for your needs.

4. Discussing our recommendations

Once we have completed steps 1–3, we’re ready to present our advice to you. This meeting takes place in person.

We take great care to ensure that we present our advice clearly and that you’re allowed plenty of time to ask questions. The advice will be formally documented in a suitability report provided to you either as a physical hard copy or via email as a PDF document, depending on your preferences.

5. Implementing your plan

If you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll immediately start to put them into place. We’ll act between you and the product providers, taking the burden of all communication and paperwork from you.

6. Ongoing advice

We’ll agree with you on what level of ongoing service is required. The purpose of ongoing advice is to ensure your financial plan remains on track and that your investments remain suitable for your needs as they change over time.

We’ll reassess the suitability of your investments at least once a year. Of course, we remain available via telephone and email whenever you need us to provide reassurance or help with a challenge.

The value of advice

Financial advice provides value in a variety of different ways. Discover how your life could be enriched by engaging in the process and how we charge for our services.

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