Why choose us?

We’ve built a loyal following of clients who value our service, turn to us for guidance at every stage of their lives, and trust us to get it right. Here’s why.

Continuity of care

Because we’re structured as an Employee Ownership Trust, our staff are invested in the success of both our business and our clients. That means you’ll deal with people who’ll stay by your side for the whole journey, with recommendations that deliver what you need both now and in the future.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team

We know that your success is very much dependent on the quality and performance of our people. That’s why we’re extremely proud of the expertise our team holds and the dedication they show daily to exceptional levels of client care, the highest professional standards, and continued learning. We want to ensure you always experience the very best advice and service from us.

The human touch

We take the time to really understand our clients. This allows us to tailor our advice to match your specific needs and anticipate what you might need from us at each stage of your journey.

Highly regulated data security

We take the security of your data and your portfolio very seriously. We’re holders of the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, an important step up from the standard Cyber Essentials accreditation. This is something only a small number of financial services businesses achieve, and it demonstrates how firmly committed we are to upholding best practice in this area.

A different approach to producing excellent service

We know that excellent service levels can only be delivered by excellent people who feel valued, trusted, and supported. As an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), Forrester Boyd Wealth Management is held in trust for the benefit of our employees. EOTs are associated with improved employee retention and morale, motivated teams, and improved business performance. In other words, we know that when our people feel comfortable, they’re able to give their best to clients.

Advice without bias

We understand how important it is to find a financial adviser you can trust. Unlike many advisory firms that only offer a restricted service, we’ve remained fully independent, meaning that our advice is both unbiased and unrestricted. Our recommendations are based on a fair and comprehensive analysis of the relevant market, free from any ties or third-party influence.

In our opinion, this is the only way to provide financial advice.

We believe that no challenge is too great

We strive to provide solutions to even the most complex financial planning needs.

We provide value

97% of our clients said they believe working with us has helped or will help them to achieve their financial goals. Discover the many ways we provide value to our clients.

We’re a VouchedFor Top Rated Firm

Forrester Boyd Wealth Management profile

We have been included in the VouchedFor Top Rated 2024 Guide, distribtuted by the Times and the Mail on Sunday.

VouchedFor’s Top Rated Guide aims to identify and celebrate the UK’s best financial advice firms based on client feedback.

Even better, we are the only Top Rated Firm with offices in East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and North Nottinghamshire, and it’s the second consecutive year that we’ve qualified.

Forrester Boyd Wealth Management profile

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