FB Wealth Management Limited was formed on the foundations of a proud heritage. Our parent company, Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants, has served the needs of businesses and private individuals since 1935.

FB Wealth Management Limited work in partnership with our clients, and other professional advisers such as solicitors and accountants, to meet their financial aspirations, and we recognise the importance of providing long-term, ongoing assistance and guidance. Our aim is to be with you for life.

Treating Customers Fairly

FB Wealth Management Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are happy to work within a regulated environment which prioritises the interests of consumers.

We have satisfied the rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications, including several Advisers qualified as Chartered. You can therefore be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK's leading firms that are wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support.